TAKE ME HOME – the movie

Liv n dorothy 2

A short film illustrating the home funeral process.

Dorothy called Sacred Crossings because she wanted put her things in order. She had a heart condition and cancer but at 95 she felt it wasn’t necessary to have treatment, “I’m going to die anyway so what’s the point in prolonging things?’ she said cheerfully. 

I fell in love on the first visit. Dorothy was humble and vulnerable yet fearless and strong in her Anthroposophical beliefs of the afterlife. “I’m ready to go when the time comes,” she said sweetly, “I just want to have a 3-day vigil after I die because I think it takes three days to get out of here.”

She was delighted when I asked if we could film her home funeral. “Oh yes, how fun! I’ll be in my very own movie,” she grinned. “Can you please ask people to dance at my funeral? I was a dancer so I would like people to dance –dancing is good for the soul.”

So we made a little film to illustrate the process of midwifing Dorothy through her transition and honoring her final wishes:

– To have friends care for her body after death

– To have a 3-day vigil at home

– To have a funeral celebration where everyone can dance


12 thoughts on “TAKE ME HOME – the movie

  1. Ouah, this film truly captures the beauty of an entire community of people gathering to care for a dearly departed during this very sensitive period of transition. How incredible to hear Dorothy express her post-mortem wishes and to see them fulfilled to the letter with so much love.

  2. What a magnificent honoring of Dorothy…just as she intended.
    Olivia, the gifts that you offer are beyond! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Such beauty in the spirit of living and witnessing the move from body to nonbody. That place beyond the body brings huge emotions of LOVE & true connection to me. The soul is so wise and full. It knows so much and I love that. Thank you for sharing and getting the energy out about home funerals and conscious dying. <3

  4. I’m crying like a little baby! Thank you so much for this! I held a three day vigil for my mom two weeks ago with Jerrigrace, and this brought it all back full circle for me. It feels good to weep like this.
    So much tenderness.

  5. Thankyou for making and sharing this little film. A friend of mine reminds me that “people need to engage with an idea seven times before they act on it”. Those of us who are DWENA practitioners need to do as much education as possible about the home funeral options; but in the end, it will be the families that do one — and share their actual experience — that will be the most convincing re the values of doing one.
    DWENA — acronym for ‘Deathcare — Wholistic, Ecological, and/or Natural Alternatives’

    1. Thank you for your comments Pashta! You are right in that testimonials from families is by far the best way to inspire others to claim the sacred rites of after-death care for themselves. It is happening. Slowly but surely.

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